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Government Guidance and Recreational Cricket

The ECB has released Organised Outdoor Recreational Cricket Guidance for England as part of Step 1 B of the lifting of restrictions. It is based upon UK Government Guidance for recreational sport. 

Summary of Guidance

This guidance is for organised cricket in England only at Step 1B of the Government Roadmap out of Lockdown from 29 March 2021 until progression to Step 2 is confirmed by the UK Government (no earlier than 12 April 2021). It is based upon UK Government Guidance for recreational sport available here.

The UK Government defines organised sport as: ‘sport which is formally organised by a qualified instructor, club, national governing body [NGB, in the case of cricket – the ECB], company or charity and follows sport-specific guidance’.

If the sport is not organised by one of these groups (for example, some friends playing cricket in a park) or the sport’s NGB guidance is not being followed (for example, a cricket club ignoring the ECB’s safety measures), this is considered to be informal or self-organised sport.

Taking part in organised cricket sometimes means that other restrictions such as legal gathering limits do not apply when taking part. This is because the ECB has considered the risks and set out ways to mitigate them so people can participate safely. The ECB’s guidance is listed as approved by the UK Government (see here). Informal or self-organised sport is not covered by any exemptions or this guidance.

Government Roadmap Step 1B

Plan for Matches

Plan for Organised Cricket Matches

Return to Play in England

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