Sleaford Cricket Club must be one of the oldest clubs in the country when the first recorded match to place in 1803 but it was not until 1854 until around 1834 that the first recorded fixture took place on the present ground then owned by Lord Bristol.

Throughout the nineteenth century was very much an integral part of the community and during the early 1850 featured matches between local sides and All England XI in which the great W G Grace played. In all some eight All England fixtures were held at Sleaford.

In 1864 a game took place between the North V South of England again classified as a First Class fixture.

Sleaford Cricket Ground is recognised as the Fourth oldest First Class ground in the country for which we are justly proud.

The Twentieth Century particularly after the Second World War featured numerous benefit matches for all the leading cricketers in the country and International games against other Under 19 national countries. An Annual Lincolnshire County Cricket Club fixture in the National Counties is a mainstay of the club fixture calendar. Some noteable fixtures include a 1988 England North played Sri Lanka in the most recent first class fixture. A NatWest trophy fixture was held in 1983 between Lincolnshire and Surrey and England Women have played twice at London Road.

During this period of over 200 years vast change have taken place by way of the purchase of the ground from Lord Bristol in 1960 and the development of the present wonderful facilities including the Clubhouse, Tractor shad and Scorebox.

During the 19th and early 20th century a limited number of games were played always on a Saturday and usually only one team and it was not until after the Second World War when the club was reformed and Sunday cricket was introduced in 1949. The club began to expand and prosper to anything like it is today. 

In the early 1940’s the club had arguably the strongest team in its long history with a full team of players who had represented the county of Lincolnshire and some who received First Class county offers. Friendly cricket continued with the club also having a strong second eleven when most players were coached by Carres Grammar School.

1960 saw the introduction of League Cricket in the county and many of the Officers of Sleaford Cricket Club were responsible for the early organisation at management level.

Old Sleaford CC Cap. Logo changed to the sheep’s head in 1980. The old logo is the town logo.
1967 Cricket Week Brochure

Since the formation of the Lincolnshire ECB Premier League, Sleaford Cricket Club have been an ever present. The club have consistently featured strongly in recent years winning the Premier Division in 2013 and rarely out of the top four places. Before the inauguration of the ECB Premier League, the club competed in South Lincs and Border league for many years, a league in which our second and third teams still participate in. On a Sunday, the club have competed in the Newark Alliance league but more recently play in the Lincoln & District league.

The club has employed high profile overseas professionals for many years with the aim of adding value on the field but also off it too. Some names in Tim McIntosh who presented New Zealand, Obus Pienaar (both held league batting records) and Chamara Kapugedara (Sri Lankan International).

The club has held its Clubmark accreditation for a number of years with development of young players high on the priority agenda. In more recent years, the club has delivered All Stars Cricket whilst also providing cricket for juniors up to 18 years old and Women’s Softball Cricket.